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Friday, September 26, 2014

Venice Photo Diary - Day III, IV & V

Veneetsia reisi kolmandal päeval külastasime Murano saart - imearmas saareke, mis oli täis Murano klaasi müüvaid poekesi. Neljandal päeval sõitsime Lido saarele, kus plaanisime ka randa minna, aga ilm läks pilve ning seega jalutasime lihtsalt saarel ringi. Viimase ehk viienda päeva jätsime täiesti lahtiseks ja seda see ka oli - jalutasime veel käimata radadel. Üldiselt oligi kogu selle reisi eesmärk lihtsalt viis päeva mitte millegi pärast muretseda teha, mida hing ihaldab ja elust rõõmu tunda ehk siis nautida ümbrust, head toitu, head seltskonda ja osta midagi ilusat.

We spent the third day of our Venice trip on the island of Murano - the cutest little island, which is full of little shops selling Murano glass. On the fourth day we visited the island of Lido, where we planned to go to the beach, but the weather turned cloudy, so we just walked around on the island. We didn't make any plans for our fifth aka the last day of our trip and ended up spending it just discovering parts of Venice, where we had not been yet. Actually the whole point of this trip was not to worry about anything, to do whatever we desire and to simply cherish life aka to enjoy the surroundings, great food, great company and buy something beautiful. 

Arriving at the Murano island. 

Just needed to capture the moment, when my Ray Bans and Aperol Spritz matched.

Feeding my sweet tooth with some Tiramisu.

Back on our "home" streets.

The masque I brought home with me.

Apples and other fruits made of chocolate!

View from our balcony was perfect! It was actually the reason, why we chose that apartment.

Quick picture of the apartment as well.

Walking on the streets of Lido.


I tried on hats before this picture, so don't mind the hair, but it was gelato time!

Ughh... bow ties are my weakness!

Last dinner with the Grand Canal view again. 

It's not allowed to take pictures inside the St Mark's Basilica, but I found myself being quite a rebel lady and I took some anyway.

Piazza San Marco


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Venice Photo Diary - Day I & II

Siit tulevad siis minu Veneetsia tripi kahe esimese päeva pildid. Veneetsia - liiga vähe vaatamisväärsusi ja liiga palju turiste. Samas Itaalia on alati toiduelamus ja meil vedas tohutult ilmaga, sest vihma sadas ainult viimasel päeval ja seda ka põhimõtteliselt siis, kui me vapporettosse istusime, et hakata koju tulema.

So here are the two first days of my trip to Venice in pictures. Venice - not many sights to see and too many tourists. The fact that Italy is always a food experience makes it up and we also got incredibly lucky with the weather. It only rained on our last day and it practically started when we stepped into a vapporetto to start coming home.

Eating lunch under the Rialto Bridge with a view to the Grand Canal.

They gave me those tongs, so I could eat my lobster pasta, but I really had no idea how to use them, so it was pretty funny - definitely an experience though.

Beautiful houses everywhere.

 Grabbing some breakfast.
 Ready for all the walking!

Grand Canal view from the Rialto Bridge.

Lunch with a view again.
 Shrimp Cocktail with white wine... absolutely amazing!

 Dinner at a cute restaurant near our home.