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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas via Instagram

Ma olen vist liiga palju klõpsutanud viimasel ajal, sest jõulude ajal polnud mul absoluutselt mingit soovi oma kaamerat välja võtta ja pilte teha. Uus telefon siiski natukene kompenseerib seda ja nii olen ma ikkagi mõned pildid teinud.

1. I miss Johnny so much when I'm away. 2. My Christmas baking - black cherry woodland terrine. Well, I managed it - it didn't look as good as the one in the magazine, but I believe it tasted as good. 3. Had my Christmas dinner in my pyjamas. 4. New cozy spot on our terrace.

I have been wanting to go ice-skating for quite some time now and there is no better time for it than the Christmas time, so I dragged my mom with me. It was so cold outside thought, even 10 layers of clothes did not help... so we only managed to skate a few laps.

I think I have taken too many pictures lately, because I had no mood for taking out my camera during the Christmas time. New phone compensates it a bit and therefore I have still managed to take a few pictures.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

May Your Days Be Merry and Bright...

... and may all your Christmases be white! Tahtsin lihtsalt kõikidele lugejatele rõõmsaid jõule soovida!

... and may all your Christmases be white! Just wanted to wish all my readers a merry Christmas! :)


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Traditional Christmas Concert & Vapiano

Meil on gümnaasiumi klassiõdedega kujunenud välja selline traditsioon minna pärast kooli jõulu-kontserti kirikus Vapianosse sööma ja seega koos jõule n-ö tähistada. Takistuseks ei ole saanud ka see, et me ei ole juba teist aastat kooli õpilaste nimekirjas või see, et igal aastal istub laua natukene erinev seltskond. Eile siis austasime jällegi oma traditsiooni ning mina kasutasin võimalust teha sellest üks blogipostitus.

Nails & jewelry: nail polish from OPI (What's Your Point-Settia?), earrings from H&M, pearl ring from Monton, watch, bangle and ring from Michael Kors.

Outfit: blouse from Mango, long sweater from Reserved, jeans from Zara, wellington boots from Tommy Hilfiger.

Food: delicioza aka salad of rucola, baby spinach, beetroot, goat cheese & chicken.

Company: Mirell, Birgit & Kristel (who was sitting next to me).
We have this tradition with the girls from my high school to eat at Vapiano after the school's Christmas concert at the church and thus celebrate Christmas together. It hasn't become an obstacle that we are not in the school's pupils' list for the second year and that we have a bit different company sitting by the table every year. Yesterday we honored the tradition and I used the opportunity to make a blog post out of it.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Baking Gingerbread Cookies & Others

Pühapäeval käisin kodus (vanematekodus siis ühesõnaga) piparkooke küpsetamas. Ma võin vanduda, et ma pole kunagi jõulude üle vähem rõõmu tundnud, kui see aasta ja ma tean ka, mis selle põhjuseks on, aga see selleks, loodan, et teil kõigil on seda siis omakorda topelt. Seekord otsustasin teha selliseid väga kodukootud piparkooke. Osalt seetõttu, et Aruküla poodi olid pühapäeva õhtuks jäänud ainult kollased glasuurid, aga siis ma vaatasin, et nii ongi armsamad.

Vaatasin ka oma viimaseid Instagrami pilte ja avastasin, et ei ole endast ühte siia postitanud (tehtud juba kaks nädalat tagasi enne Taukari kontserdile minekut).

Kuna mu vend sõi seintevärvimise käigus ära ka minu šokolaadivarud, siis täiendasin neid nende armsate jõulukinderitega. Vahel peab lihtsalt iseenda päkapikk olema.

I went home on Sunday (to my parents home to be exact) to bake some gingerbread cookies. I swear, I have never felt less happy about Christmas than this year and I know the reason for that, but let's leave it there, I hope you feel the happiness in double then. This time I decided to make those very homespun gingerbread cookies. Partly because there were only yellow icings left in our local grocery store by the end of Sunday, but later I found these even cuter than if I had put icing on them. Also looked through my latest Instagram pictures and found one selfie that I haven't posted here (taken two weeks ago before going to a concert). The last picture is about these super cute Christmas Kinder chocolates that I bought, because my brother ate all my spare chocolate while painting my walls, but I'm so grateful to him I don't mind. 


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Happy Days w/ Viktoria

Tervitused, armsad! Viki tuli ja läks. Jõulupeoga juhtus kuidagi nii, et sinna nagu ei jõudnudki, aga see-eest jõudsin lepinguõiguse eksamile ja tundub, et täitsa hästi läks. Meil on Vikiga tekkinud vist selline traditsioon, et kui ta külla tuleb ja me õhtul natukene pidutseme, siis me järgmisel päeval läheme pannkoogibrunchile ja hiljem kinno. Seekord valisime kohaks Cafe More'i, sest (nagu eelmisest postitusest näha oli) ma käisin seal just Emiliaga ja see koht jättis kuidagi nii mõnusa mulje ja kuna meil kummalgi midagi paremat ka pähe ei tulnud, siis tundus see hea valik. Kui olime kõhud täis söönud, läksime vaatasime Näljamängudka ära. Pärast filmi viisin Viki ekskursioonile... meie uude Ülemiste keskusesse ja õhtu lõpetasime pitsa ja glögiga filme vaadates. Glögi oli meie mõlema arvates nii jube, et see lendas kraanikausist alla, aga well, at least now we know. Vahelduseks on nii mõnus teha lihtsalt võtta aeg maha ja teha neid asju, mida sa tahad teha ja mitte millegi pärast muretseda. Täna juba pidingi Viki koju puksima, et ma saaksin oma juhtimisarvestuse ainetööd kirjutama hakata...

Hello, cuties! Viki came and went. It somehow happened that we didn't make it to the Christmas party we were planning to go, but well, instead I made it to my exam in contract law and I believe it went pretty well.  I guess we have this new tradition with Viki that when she comes over and we party a bit the night before, we go to a pancake brunch and cinema the next day. This time we chose Cafe More, because (as you can see from my previous post) I just went there with Emilia and that place somehow made me feel good and since we couldn't think of something better, so it seemed like a good choice. After we had filled our bellies with some yummy food, we went to see Hunger Games and later I took Viki for a tour... to our new shopping center (which is like the biggest in Estonia). We ended the night watching movies on the couch with pizza and mulled wine, which we both found so horrible that we later poured it down the sink, but well, at least now we know. It feels so good to take some time off once in a while, do the things that you want to do and not to worry about anything. Today I had to already ship Viki home to start writing my course paper in management accounting...


Thursday, December 4, 2014

One Very Random Post

Breakfast: oatmeal porridge with generous teaspoon of peanut butter and one small banana & coffee.

Lace panties - Accessorize, nail polish - OPI What's Your Point-Settia?, jeans - Zara.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Latest Instagrams & Other Phone Pictures

1. Cute cups @ H&M Home. 2. Stockmann has the prettiest Christmas decorations. 3. Sushi date w/ Emilia (go follow her right now!) 4. Celebrating First Sunday of Advent with drinking mulled wine, smoking shisha & catching up w/ Kertu.

Quick selfie from this morning. It's so cold outside, I feel like wearing 10 layers of clothes all the time. Oh and you can follow me on Instagram too: johannak. :)