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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas via Instagram

Ma olen vist liiga palju klõpsutanud viimasel ajal, sest jõulude ajal polnud mul absoluutselt mingit soovi oma kaamerat välja võtta ja pilte teha. Uus telefon siiski natukene kompenseerib seda ja nii olen ma ikkagi mõned pildid teinud.

1. I miss Johnny so much when I'm away. 2. My Christmas baking - black cherry woodland terrine. Well, I managed it - it didn't look as good as the one in the magazine, but I believe it tasted as good. 3. Had my Christmas dinner in my pyjamas. 4. New cozy spot on our terrace.

I have been wanting to go ice-skating for quite some time now and there is no better time for it than the Christmas time, so I dragged my mom with me. It was so cold outside thought, even 10 layers of clothes did not help... so we only managed to skate a few laps.

I think I have taken too many pictures lately, because I had no mood for taking out my camera during the Christmas time. New phone compensates it a bit and therefore I have still managed to take a few pictures.


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