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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Traditional Christmas Concert & Vapiano

Meil on gümnaasiumi klassiõdedega kujunenud välja selline traditsioon minna pärast kooli jõulu-kontserti kirikus Vapianosse sööma ja seega koos jõule n-ö tähistada. Takistuseks ei ole saanud ka see, et me ei ole juba teist aastat kooli õpilaste nimekirjas või see, et igal aastal istub laua natukene erinev seltskond. Eile siis austasime jällegi oma traditsiooni ning mina kasutasin võimalust teha sellest üks blogipostitus.

Nails & jewelry: nail polish from OPI (What's Your Point-Settia?), earrings from H&M, pearl ring from Monton, watch, bangle and ring from Michael Kors.

Outfit: blouse from Mango, long sweater from Reserved, jeans from Zara, wellington boots from Tommy Hilfiger.

Food: delicioza aka salad of rucola, baby spinach, beetroot, goat cheese & chicken.

Company: Mirell, Birgit & Kristel (who was sitting next to me).
We have this tradition with the girls from my high school to eat at Vapiano after the school's Christmas concert at the church and thus celebrate Christmas together. It hasn't become an obstacle that we are not in the school's pupils' list for the second year and that we have a bit different company sitting by the table every year. Yesterday we honored the tradition and I used the opportunity to make a blog post out of it.


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